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in News by • August 28, 2014

If youth, throughout all history, had had a champion to stand up for it; to show a doubting world that a child can think; and, possibly, do it practically; you wouldn’t constantly run across folks today who claim that “a child don’t know anything.” A child’s brain starts functioning at birth; and has, amongst its many infant convolutions, thousands of dormant atoms, into which God has put a mystic possibility for noticing an adult’s act, and figuring out its purport.

There is a great deal of information as to what Youth can do, if given a chance; and, though it starts out in somewhat of an impersonal vein, there is plenty of thrill, rollicking comedy, love, courtship, marriage, patriotism, sudden tragedy‘ a determined stand against liquor, and some amusing political aspirations in a small growing town.

Written during 1936 and 1937 by Ernest Vincent Wright, this work became famous for lacking the letter “e” in its manuscript – an example of a lipogram.

Believe it or not this is a story of about 50,000 words without ever using the letter e. The letter e is very common in english and at first thought one would think it is impossible to achieve such a feat. Yet, here it is.

Enjoy Gadsby, Youth’s Champion.

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